DETALJE Combinations EMSO

DETALJE Combinations EMSO

from 159.00

combination #1:
1 x copper, 2 x aluminium, 1 x stainless steel

combination #2:
1 x copper, 2 x aluminium, 1 x bown plexiglass

combination #3:
1 x aluminium, 2 x stainless steel, 1 x black plexiglass

stainless steel, aluminium, copper, birch veneer and plexiglass.

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The four different designs of the collection all invites you to change and personalise the appearance of the design - from warm elegance in coppery notes and birch veneer, cool minimalism in stainless steel or high-tec chick in neon green plexi glass and light weight aluminium.

The design becomes dynamic.
When it “leaves the hands of the architect”, you are invited to personalise the rings and

give patina to the materials – just like a miniature city that is transformed by its inhabitants over time.

’It has always interested me how different materialsinfluence design.

The same design can look and feel very different whendifferent materials are used, like the reflection ofplexiglass, the texture of wood, and the heaviness of copper...’

The design is rooted in the Danish design tradition, but is also inspired by clashes in Japanese design culture such as the traditional architecture and the high-tech structures of modern metropoles like Tokyo.